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Anticipation guide the crucible

Yasaman Jalali
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
24 May 2012
“That which doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger.” I agree with this quote. God will never put something in our path that we can’t handle as human beings. At times we may feel we are weak and can’t get through something but God makes everyone strong in order to get through the weak paths. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. For example, relationships, you may think heartbreak is one of the hardest things to go through but it’s not. Heartbreak and relationships may “destroy” you in the beginning but the outcome is becoming a ten times stronger person. You learn what you want and don’t want in the next person you will be with. You will also realize all the time you wasted being hurt wasn’t worth it. Showing that you don’t care will only prove to people you are not weak or easy to walk all over. It will show them you can be a strong person. In certain cases ex-relationships may not have a bad break-up; those are the ones that are lucky and are involved with good people. But on the other hand, there are cases where they may be out to get your life, “destroy” you, or even harm you. There are so many people in the world that have gone through terrible things. The most mature thing to do in these cases is just to simply be the bigger person and just ignore it all. Stand tall and show nothing can bring you down no matter how bad you are hurt inside. The reaction is what they want out of you and you giving them that will only satisfy them. These things happen to people in all age groups. In my opinion high school relationships are worse. The younger you are the more immature you are. All of the peer pressure, the atmosphere around you, and the people around you will only make boys and girls do dumb things. I feel like everyone in this age is out to get each other. People want to look cool in front of their friends or act like they’re so tough. In reality, it’s killing them inside but of course they don’t want to show the people around them that. If you choose to be weak and let every little thing bother you, you will “destroy” yourself physically and emotionally. You can’t let what you see or hear bother you. With this said, I conclude that ignoring everything and letting yourself believe that you are strong will let you live a much less easier life. Why waste the time being so stressed and angry when you can simply just ignore it all and be happy? Life is too short for anyone to be stressed over the little things. You only live once so make the beautiful short time worth it. Stand tall, happy, and strong; not only for others, but yourself.

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