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Where to begin with low energy, poor digestion, bloating, gas etc

Hi James

I found your board through CZ.

There was so many arguments and contradictory protocols given for these various symptoms that I thought a complete one from one person like yourself would be the best answer.

My summary issues. I am 30, all of the below have been with me since 16-17-18 years old. They do vary, but I have not been able to identify a pattern of why. Any suggestions for a complete 3 month plan to systematically test what is "wrong" and start to repair the damage would be great. Thanks!

1) Bloating, particularly after cheese and bread
2) really noxious gas, particularly at night
3) acid reflux
4) bad sleep - waking up lots, early, light sleep, hard to fall asleep
5) anxious
6) distended abdomen
7) consipation, sometimes one BM every 3 days
8) VERY low energy, struggle to be motivated and get things done. Feel like I'm operating around 30% physical capacity.
9) lots of mucous, blocked sinuses, dpost nasal drip. I find it very hard to breathe through my nose. Sometimes one nostril is OK, but both are NEVER clear.

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