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I read that you take Chlorella and that it is good for you. I really, really want to take it, because I think it would be good for me. Everytime I take it I feel nauseous. I took a few 250mg tablets and got so sick, threw up. Yesterday, I tried it again I took 2 tablets and felt a little bit nauseous. I googled it and there were quite a few people that had the same response. I do have mercury in my mouth. Could it be it is dedoxing me? Should I try and keep taking it?

Nettle Leaf I see it sold as Nettle Leaf 1:2 it is a liquid and the other ingredints are Purified water and 25% alcohol. It says to take a teaspoon in water or juice. Is this a good way of taking nettles or should I just get the nettle powder and take in water? I will be taking this for helping, hopefully my hair.

Thanks again

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