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I am responding to the statement, “[t]he best place for justice to be determined is in a court of law,” and I disagree with this statement. Based on the History I know of our Country, The U.S.A, and the knowledge I have of today’s society, I believe our society has become more corrupt. There was once a time when a lawyer swore by the bible in court, they “told the truth, only the truth, and nothing but the truth,” but now almost every lawyer will put their neck on the line for a lie in order to get paid more than the other guy. Even back when our justice system was just sprouting there were obviously still liars and cheaters simply due to human nature, but in today’s world, with so much information floating around through the internet and media coverage, the court of law is more often than not, a publicity stunt rather than a serious court case.
However, when a serious court case does arise, the penalties are often unfair or completely different depending on what state the criminal is tried in. For instance the abortion law; the time a mother may get an abortion is different from state to state whether it’s between a couple of weeks or sometimes even a couple months. There is no set federal law and therefore it is unfair that a woman who had been raped could not get an abortion all because she unfortunately grew up in a state where it is against the law. There are so many conflicting ideas in the world; just the simple conflict of religion has led to wars, blood slaughter and mass killings such as the holocaust. The court system is widely based on opinion of the judges, the jury, and sometimes even the lawyers. Even though juries are not meant to be biased, the fact that they are still people and they have opinions of their own makes them an easy target to promote unfair decisions in the case. There is no such thing as a fair trial and I do not believe the best place for justice to be determined is in a court of law. In some cases the court system does indeed serve proper justice and the “bad guy” gets put in jail, but the courts aren’t reliable while looking from case to case.
The court of law is a big social get together and if a client is lucky enough to get a “good” lawyer, someone who knows all the clicks and the judges, then their case will win and justice will be served. Whether or not the justice being served is a one sided agreement or one favored by the majority is another argument.

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