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updates - thyroid, adrenal, gut, etc.

james -

we've written back and forth a few times, and i appreciate the help you've given me thus far. however, i remain pretty stuck in my treatment and would appreciate some further advice.

i've not had an official diagnosis, but my main symptoms are loose smelly stools with lots of undigested food, strong foul smelling perspiration, intermittent stomach pain after eating (previously every meal, currently maybe once per week), depression, inability to gain weight, anxiety, and tightness in my chest. i suspect thyroid is involved, as my waking body temp is usually around 97.0, has been down to 96.7. very low blood pressure (95/60). hay fever. pulse spikes on going from sitting to standing, and is sometimes accompanied with lightheaded feeling and visual blurriness. previously took accutane, which i have been told is implicated in several inflammatory conditions such as colitis.

i've been taking your adrenal, thyroid, and liv-r-right formulas for two months now, along with amla berry and parsley. recently been taking magnesium malate and lecithin. been on elimination diet for food allergies for about 3 months (off gluten, soy, egg, corn, peanuts, dairy completely. reintroduced nightshades and red meat and seem to be doing fine with them) no caffeine or alcohol. i've also been supplementing glycine 3x/day to help with anxiety, but doesn't seem to be helping. anxiety mainly stems from worrying over my physical state, fears i'm not locating the cause or following the right protocol etc. i have had a longstanding fear of heart disease since childhood and hearing that rates are higher in low thyroid patients has scared the hell out of me. smoked from age 19-24, no more than 3 or 4 cigarettes a day, and half that time i wasn't smoking anyway. none since. 26 now. before all this set on, about a year ago (due probably to immense stress from all angles) i was in decent cardio shape, 6:00 mile, ran regularly for distance, swam, etc. initial onset of symptoms occured at an extremely high stress time and was accompanied with fever which abated in a day.

what concerns me most now is chest pain. began about a month ago as a dull tightness, then in the last week got more intense and feels like a constant low level burn centered over the breastbone but moving around and increasing/decreasing in intensity throughout the day. i wake up with it and go to sleep with it and nothing seems to help it. i have been told it's probably just anxiety, and have had ekg came back normal. my pulse is never very high, highest it will get during the day is maybe 85, usually stays around 60.

have had labs for stomach. blood panel came back nothing out of the ordinary though i know what that counts for. diagnostechs gi panel came back nothing out of the ordinary but super high for gut inflammation. adrenal saliva came back normal.

my questions to you are:
do you see any pattern here that would lead you to suspect a certain underlying cause? what other labs/tests would you order? (i'm uninsured and limited income but i have enough to do what i need to do, i just don't want to be throwing money everywhere at things i don't likely need). are there any contraindications with the formulas i'm taking? anything else i should be supplementing? if there is possibly a deeper autoimmune condition here, what would you suspect and how should i go about sorting that out?

i've written before about doing a phone consultation with you. if that is possible anytime in the near future, please let me know. otherwise, i appreciate any advice or direction you can offer. thanks so much for everything you do.

- drew


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