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Constipation/ Parasites/ BV

Hello! I have been having problems with constipation and I did not know what to do so I found out some information on a holistic center that performs colonics and have had a few done. The lady that does my colonics told me i had parasites so she put me on psyllium husk pills, acidophilus, and paragone. At the time i had only done 2 colonics and she suggested that i continue to see her but it was getting a bit expensive so i just did the paragone and i didn't see any parasites but it was definitely making me have more bm's per day. I was starting to have diarrhea from the paragone and could not keep up with it so i decided to stop and i started taking ground flax seed which helped with my constipation a lot but after using it twice a day everyday i started getting diarrhea again. A long time ago my mom bought some DE for my dog because he had parasites and she suggested that i try to take it for myself and i did for a couple of days but i did not see anything different. Later on for the first time i passed something that looked like a parasite which must have been around 5 or 6 inches. I am sorry to be so descriptive but it was during a moment of constipation and i had poop dangling which would not drop so i had to remove it by hand with paper and after that i passed 2 more on 2 different occasions so i decided to go back and have another colonic. Do you think those might have been worms? I wouldn't know how to identify them but you seem to be very knowledgable. I have had about 3 colonics (two weeks in between each one) since passing the worms and i am still taking psyllium husk pills, acidophilus, and something called parastroy. My last colonic which was two days ago was the most successful one because the water finally reach the top of my intestines and i released a lot of the impaction i had and today i had a bm in which i passed what i think might have been a worm it was thick and white in between the stool and there were specs of what looks like rice. I have also been given stool softeners but it seems like unless i take all these pills i cannot go to the bathroom. I also have something called bacterial vaginosis which i wonder if it is at all linked to intestinal problems? I have gotten a lot better with the BV and barely have any discharge but is there a way to completely cure it? I would greatly appreciate your advice and opinion on all of this.

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