Storming Night
This Gang is located in a wide forest, surrounded in trees and bushes. The grass runs soft and bright green. As beautiful as it is though, only Storming Night and the prey live here.

Leader: Skiv
Mistress (Leader's mate, also the leader):
Harbinger (Second in command): Sita
Warriors: Nalleya, Atsumi, Mau, Venus, Kopa
...Everything is not as it seems...

The slim, spotted feline slipped through the trees, her deep brown eyes glinting as she lurked through the shadows. The ocelot was new to this territory, after travelling for so long, she decided to settle down and find a home... There had been rumours of a land called Wolf Mountain, perhaps not the most inviting name to a small cat like Mau, but she had come here all the same. Because, as it stood, the rumours were that Wolf Mountain was magical. The fey could almost feel it, the magic. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth slightly, scenting the air. It appeared that there was some kind of border here, a border like a pack of some sort. Though it appeared to be a fresh scent, it was weak, perhaps it hadn't been here long.

As fiery and spirited as Mau was, she wasn't about to step over a border knowingly- that was stupid. So, sitting down and curling her spotted tail over her paws, she waited. If this was indeed a pack or gang of some sort, something that would accept a little ocelot like herself. Letting out a loud mewl to call for the leader, she continued to wait. If someone didn't come, she would skirt her way around the border and explore further.

{I apologise for my awful post; haven't played a feline in such a long time Dx}


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