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Martin Cervantes
Period: 2
Teacher: Mr. Seaton


STATEMENT: A true friend will tell you the truth, even when you don't want to hear it.

I put that I agree with this statement, because for me always a true friend will tell you the truth because if you do not tell the truth or did not have the respect that should be not a true friend. After the comma in the declaration says that even when you do not want to hear, I do agree also because many people including family, parents and even friends if they care they will not remain silent if it is for your good.
This is a simple but reflective statement because some people have to think of who may be then your true friends and even so, you may realize that to be a true friend to tell you things you do not speak ill of you or any other people and always be with you through thick and thin are counted in the world. Because if you say you have five friends do not know if your friends really are, because so many people besides you may be fooling you. This may be an example of envy, selfishness, jealousy, anger or anything else that over time they have for you, so that they no longer are being your true friends. It is a simple to say but labored to see who can be your true friend.
Now you, are you a true friend? You always help people if they do not want? Are simple but laborious to answer questions. Because the battles yourself to see if you're really good friend because you can think or believe that you are good friends, without imagining that it might not. It takes work but if you analyze yourself know the answers to the questions. This is very difficult because at times when you're talking to someone about the problems of that person and give advice to him or her do not know if at that time can be affected, it is laborious to know the answer because sometimes you're not sure You can ask that the offending. You have the challenge to answer questions, few answers many questions.
This statement speaks about true friends makes me think they really are numbered. It is very laborious to know who you can trust and who trust you. For this reason, I put that I agree because it really makes me wonder if my long this little statement and I do not the only, hundreds of people who have no friends you can trust, but I think not necessarily be friends, but even your own family, like your parents.
Your parents are the best people you can meet with this statement or sentence written before because they always going to give you the right path, such as good advice and they'll also always listen and help with your problems.

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