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Of Mice and Men

Martin Cervantes
Period: 2
Mr. Seaton, Thomas.

Of Mice and Men

STATEMENT- “The best place for justice to be determined is in a court of low”.
In this statement I put before reading the story I liked, that did not agree, but after reading I think I'm wrong because it says that justice must be done in a tribal, I agree because it is not fair and not right to do justice particularly for people in out of court because there is likewise carried out the orders due to be taken of the problem.
Before reading it made me rather laborious to decipher or to know that because many people are afraid to justice, if you need to be afraid but to do that today and carried out certain laws to try to not hurt or affect certain persons who violate this law.
After reading, I put as I said before I disagree because justice have their places where you can arrange without harming anyone.
Sometimes many discuss and settle their problems out without using the government's justice system because most people can agree on ways to solve their problems without having to make the problem bigger.
For example, when my uncle was driving accident and ran over a boy riding his bicycle and had to lower the car to help. The boy did not say much more than was good and forgiving. If you asked for some money but it was easier than having to take a case to court and spend so much time for something that could solve in seconds. Fortunately, the boy was not hurt either and took him home after making the accident very easily solved.
Many times, people fix most problems with one another about themselves instead of having to use the judicial system because it is easier to do a long process so people can agree with one solution.
At present there have been many problems around the world, as in this case I'm talking about where you should carry out the justice system. One of the most common problems can be thefts, fights, gangs and others. The above can be a bit more difficult to manage for the good of humanity, but as the simpler problems can be carried out not in a court of law because they are smaller but healthier out of court. Some simple examples may be: family problems, loss of large or valuable objects and more. That is why I think it is not necessary to use a court of law, well depends on the problem.

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