Storming Night
This Gang is located in a wide forest, surrounded in trees and bushes. The grass runs soft and bright green. As beautiful as it is though, only Storming Night and the prey live here.

Leader: Skiv
Mistress (Leader's mate, also the leader):
Harbinger (Second in command): Sita
Warriors: Nalleya, Atsumi, Mau, Venus, Kopa
-/Roman Love\-

Venus looked at the cougar with a pouty face. Why wasn't he playing? Her paw reached up and tapped his nose. "Boop!" She giggled, clapping her paws together in joy. "Haha, I booped your nose, Skiv!" She grinned, happy to be having some fun finally. When she looked up at his face and saw he was not laughing along, Venus's ears slicked back and she rolled back onto her stomach, disappointed.

"Play." She said slowly, as if talking to a child. "You know, that thing fun people do?" She sighed. He wasn't getting it. "Watch. Like this." She pawed in the air at his face, growled playfully and jumped from side to side. She bared her ivory teeth and growled, attempting to get him to understand.


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