Re(2): Borodino pancake breakfast

'Save a pancake for me, joe."

Okay Mr Hitch####, we will.

Nevertheless, I see Franky got a new car. 40 mpg good for you Mr M.
You care for the environment. you really do. Are you a super liberal? James Carville doesn't even drive a car like that. How much CO2 per mile grams you be putten out into Jesus's air? 230?g/p/m. ( 230 Grams/per/mile Carville's SUV puts out 450g/p/m) His SUV was stolen.
Anyways, Neither does Senator Schumer's 100 pound wife want to be seen in a vehicle like that AVEO. She's more Middle Class Trash than you and I. ( that's one of the names of our next hit song. ) She makes the big $$$$s. So Guess it's the Middle Class that pollutes/cares lss more then the RICH. She's cool though. She's Chuck's wife. She's chose the big Ford 17mpg, ( 470 gtams of CO2 per/mile ) SUV. ( the rock group RUSH did a song that used the words, ' people in high places must be the first to change." decrescedo violins, something like that, correct me if i'm off. Thank you.

My lesbian MSNBC reporter, Rachel Maddow didn't even buy a vehicle like that. She Bought a big red 18mpg 400g/p/m/co2 creating truck. So Frank! Join the movement and join the band. You are a real liberal in my political bible book. Thanks for proving my scientific research data. I would like to interview you for our new energy/politial/satire/musical video about us beautiful and sexy liberals. The music is coming fine. Frank there is an opening for a lead singer for the band. Can you sing a song with them? Their new video is hot, like your new 40mpg AVEO.
Keep up the environmentalism. God bless you. Welcome to the party.

How much for the gold car? I know a recycler. Donate half to the Historical Society. If you do, I will donate too. I win Win Win or everyone. Boy, I love Borodino logic. Tastes like pancake spirit too me.

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