Storming Night
This Gang is located in a wide forest, surrounded in trees and bushes. The grass runs soft and bright green. As beautiful as it is though, only Storming Night and the prey live here.

Leader: Skiv
Mistress (Leader's mate, also the leader):
Harbinger (Second in command): Sita
Warriors: Nalleya, Atsumi, Mau, Venus, Kopa

The Frostlin gang Leader had finally arrived at Storming Night. He had plans to ally with the cougar-dominant gang, by blood. As he crossed the border, he had no intent to wait; he was in a hurry. He strode further into the lands until coming upon a set of dens. He barked, warning them of his arrival. He was a tall wolf, not abnormally, but at the highest of the regular scale. His fur was black with copper muzzle, throat, underbelly, under tail, ears and paws. His eyes were lavender; he looked much like his younger sister, Cillenzia. He chuckled as he tried to remember how his sister looked, he hadn't seen her for about a year.

The male flicked his ears with patience, for he was going to find more recruits after this meeting. He had recently accepted two canines; Mornar and Katani. They would both learn and adjust to the members that have been here longer; Keir and Ohstrin. As he brushed away those thoughts, he straightened himself up and held himself high; not as if dominance here, but in another land.


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