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Crucible, Eng 10

Grant Klimkiewicz
Mr. Power
English 10B /5th hour

Confessing to a crime you did not commit to avoid punishment is not wise. If I did not do the crime, why should be accused of doing that crime. If you lie it will catch up with you in the long run and you might be in more trouble.
If I was accused of a crime that I did not commit I would absolutely not tell anyone that I did it. I would not lie for something I didnít even do. It does not make sense to lie and say you did something that you didnít do. You will still be in trouble either for committing the crime or for lying about it. Sometimes people may harass you and intimidate you to make you say anything they want you to say. So they can force you to lie just so you can get them to leave you alone. Even though you would then take the blame.
I can understand why people would say they did things that they didnít do under that kind of pressure. If you know you did not do it, you could say for a fact, ďI know I did not do thatĒ! If someone is pressuring you, you should tell someone, like an attorney that you need their help. I think that if I were in that situation, it would be very difficult to have to prove I did not do what I was being accused of. I would probably panic because of the pressure and what may happen to me as a result of legal actions. I hope that I would have my say and the support of my family and friends to help me through this situation.
There is nothing wise about lying. Even if you think you may not get in trouble, or have to pay any consequences, I do not think I would lie. When some people lie, it makes thing harder on them because they have to remember the lie, who they lied to and who knows the real truth.
Sometimes people just choose to lie and choose to do whatever seems easier to just get out of trouble. I know some people who lie all the time and they always seem to have referrals in their hands here at school for lying or causing some other kind of problem. Some people you can just never believe because they lie all the time. Lying will not make you a good friend, and many people may not like you because of your lies. Lying will not get you very far in life. Tell the truth. If you do something, take responsibility for and take any consequences for your own actions. This shows maturity on your part. Own up to your actions. If you do not want to be in trouble, watch what you say and do most of the time. Everyone makes mistakes and some people take more responsibility for their actions than others. Be honest and you will have a much better life and so will the rest of the world.

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