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Cruicable Anticipation Guide Essay

The statement I have chose to write about and why I disagree is ďItís more difficult to forgive yourself if the person you have hurt doesnít forgive youĒ. Iím going to tell you why I agree with this topic, the consequences of not forgiving, and also the positive effect of forgiveness.
Why do I agree with this topic? Well because, I think if you done something bad to someone itís bad enough as it is that you did something, and for that person not to forgive you it will make it harder for you to forgive yourself. I do believe in forgiving but not forgetting. But in a case such as this, I do agree it may make it harder to forgive your self.
There is various reasons why people do not forgive. Some may say because, we are entertained by the thought of revenge. Also, it gives us the chance to be the object of sympathy to others. Some times people say they will not forgive some one for something they done to them, but in all reality it takes time to forgive, and yes eventually they will forgive, and you will be able to forgive your self. But during the time of awaiting forgiveness from that person, it will make it hard to forgive your self.
I do believe in forgiveness. I do think that everybody should forgive but not forget. No matter how long you wait to forgive them I believe you should forgive them. I think that everything that happens to someone happens for a reason, weather it is something good or something bad, it should be thought of as an experience or in other words a lesson learned. I also think that you help your self to suffer less if you forgive someone. Just maybe you have learned the honest truth about someone, that maybe they werenít the person you thought they were.
Above I have stated various reasons why I agree with the statement. I believe in forgiveness, but as I said before it takes time to forgive someone, depending on the situation it could take the person a long time or not so long. But either way until you are forgiven by whoever, for whatever you done, it is going to take you just as long to forgive yourself.

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