Storming Night
This Gang is located in a wide forest, surrounded in trees and bushes. The grass runs soft and bright green. As beautiful as it is though, only Storming Night and the prey live here.

Leader: Skiv
Mistress (Leader's mate, also the leader):
Harbinger (Second in command): Sita
Warriors: Nalleya, Atsumi, Mau, Venus, Kopa

OOC: Sorry, like, totally forgot about this thread O.o

IC: Kozu inclined his head, his bronze orbs shining brightly with nervousness and excitement. He partly didn't know why, but the other part of him did know, but he was too afraid to admit it to himself... Yet. "So... I've been thinking... Uh." He paused, his heart beating fast. "Um... Well, I've kinda been looking for a mate..." He blinked slowly, then ducked his head to give his dark brown chest fur a couple of licks.


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