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John F Kennedy Deep Thought (Lanugage Arts 3A) Mr. ho

Paige Sullivan
Mr. Ho
Period 5
September 16, 2012
Deep Thought
I chose to talk about my belief about the statement, ďThat which doesnít destroy us only makes us strongerĒ. In my mind this statement means that something that might seem so horrible can always make you a stronger person in the end. An event that can hurt you emotionally or physically can help you be stronger because you can learn a valuable lesson or gain something from it. For example, if you where going out with someone who you really liked. A person who you got to know really well and got the chance to love. Someone who became not only your significant other but also your best friend. This person was in your life for many months, and they became apart of your daily routine. Until one day they just got up and left you for someone else who they thought was a better catch. When you first find out the news you will at the time cry, be upset and feel like itís the end of the world because it will seem as if that person was apart of you. For sometime you will feel like a part of you is missing, an important part that you will think will never be complete without them. But then, you will eventually get over it and realize you can live with out that person. Then after some time, you will figure out that there is other bigger better fish out in the sea. In fact you will realize, that person doesnít deserve someone like you if they didnít realize what you were worth when they had you. From all of this emotionally drama you learned self worth. Another example is if a professional basketball athlete got a serious knee injury, had to sit out for the season and had to get knee surgery. It would feel like the end of the world, not only to him but also to his teammates and fans. After his major knee surgery he has to do many months of physical therapy and sitting on the sidelines watching his coach replace him with someone else temporarily until he got back on his feet. He feels defeated and ready to give up, thinking he will never be able to get his title back. After some time he can finally start walking again. Then a couple months later he is able to jog again. Then a couple months after that he can run and jump again. Then soon enough he will be able to play again. But this time heís even stronger and a better player then he was before his injury. The lesson he learned was mind over matter. It was a difficult obstacle he had to get through but in the end it benefited him by making him stronger. It taught him to never give up when things get tough. Everything happens for a reason so even though it may feel like something thatís happened to us is awful and it may feel like the end of the world. It isnít. You learn from it and become stronger because of that experience.


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