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The Crucible-JFKMCHS

Confessing to a crime you didnít commit in order to avoid punishment is not a wise decision. You may receive a mark on your record whether it is insignificant or not and the person or people that are guilty would not receive a proper punishment. It would not be fair to you or the other person because they would be getting off the hook allowing them to do the same thing twice but you would be lying to yourself and the court system as well. You would be falsely accused for something you didnít do and you should stand up whether you were right or wrong. However, I would plead guilty to a crime I didnít commit if a close family did it or if the sentence was short. I would be more accepting of taking the blame for a family member because we are supposed to stick up for one another. It may not be the wise thing to do but it is the right thing to do. Even though my family would be getting off Scott- free and I would be accused, they would be willing to do the same. If I would plead guilty, I may get a shorter sentence rather than pleading innocent and getting the maximum. Confessing to a crime you didnít commit in order to avoid punishment is wise in one way, but not in others. You would be taking the blame for others allowing them to mess up twice, but when it comes to family, it would be more socially acceptable.


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