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Re(1): The Crucible-JFKMCHS

I do not think confessing to a crime you didn't commit in order to avoid a punishment is wise. I think this because I believe honesty is important. I do not think you should lie especially just to avoid the consequences. If I didn't do something I would not take the blame. Taking the blame can you in trouble in the long run because it makes you look like a liar. I also think that the person who did commit the crime should receive the appropriate punishment. They need to learn so they do not repeat the same mistakes. I believe if you do not suffer the consequences you deserve that you will not learn and you will think you can get away with everything. I believe this is a big problem in the world today. I feel that you can pay your way out of trouble. I understand someone to confess to a crime if it was someone they love. However, I still do not feel that it is right. I believe if the truth is told things will go much smoother. I believe the phrase “the truth will set you free”. I have heard that the person who actually commits the crime if they confess they can get a shorter sentence. I would not want someone to take the blame for me. It could ruin their life and reputation forever. I would feel bad if someone to the blame for me. If you didn't do anything wrong, I don't think you should have to deal with the punishment. I do not see confessing to a crime you didn't do wise at all. I know it is probably hard watching the ones you love go through that.

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