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Re(1): The Crucible-JFKMCHS

Crucible Response
ďThere is only one correct way to interpret the Bible.Ē
I really disagree with this, because if there was only one way to interpret the bible, there would be no more then one religion for each holy book. You see if there was only one way to interpret the bible there would only be one denomination of Christianity, and obviously since there is more then one, there is different ways of interpreting it. As a Christian you should be accepting of all beliefs, so if you said there was only one way of interpreting the bible, well youíd be a contradiction.
I believe this can be applied to any holy book whether itís the Bible, The Koran, The book of Mormon or the Hindu Vedas. All books are up for interpretation by all people. Think, what if you read a book through one time, then a second, well the second time you read it you may understand something differently then the first time. The same could happen time after time after time. Well what if you allow someone else to read it and present ideas just as many times, well they can give you a different point of view and possibly a new belief in something, but if they never were allowed to view it in their way, it would never be that way. So I as someone who is a Christian, a religion created off of another religion(Judiasm) I strongly disagree that the bible can only be interpreted in one way. In fact I think that is a very ignorant statement.
The bible can be interpreted in many ways and Iím actually glad that it can be. If it couldnít Church honestly probably wouldnít be as interesting. Even within the same religion interpretation of the bible(or other book) can be changed. I might not see something the same as my pastor, my Dad, my friends or even a stranger, but the good thing is most of the time not matter the differences in interpretation we still have the same beliefs. So Iím glad the bible can be interpreted in different ways though obviously as a person I feel that most of the time Iím interpreting the general correct way. The reason Iím glad is so that small differences can cause a conversation about something that makes me understanding of others beliefs and requires me to be solid in my own. No matter what your book is, there is more then one way to understand it.


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