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The Crucible - Before Thoughts

“That which doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger.” At the first thought after reading this sentence, I must say that I was going to mark a plus sign in the Before column and just move on to the next statement. However, I reread the second clause of the sentence and caught myself… what does not destroy us makes us stronger? How could that possibly be true; a lot of “things” can “not destroy” us. That does not necessarily imply that they make us stronger. No, I do not believe that statement to be true. How many times has a person experienced hardship and become reshaped? Many people do through a period in their lifetime where everything seems to “destroy” them and once they have completed that chapter say, they regret nothing. However, when they first met face to face with this suffering, their immediate reaction was to question the doings of God and beg for it to end. It might take them some time but they eventually see the light. This is due to the fact that everything happens for a reason. Often times what humans believe is good for them may be bad for them and what humans believe is bad for them may be good for them. God is the only all-knowing though and He will determine this for himself. What a person experiences in their lifetime shapes who they are. I myself have gone through a hardship where it seemed like the entire world was against me and that I was the antagonist of the situation. The saddest part of this is that history repeats itself. I not only went through this hardship once, but twice. The way that I have analyzed it is that each time I go through the same time of hardship, I learn more and more about my self. I can also handle the situation better each time because of the prior experience. The first time I was put under this hardship, I was absolutely oblivious to the fact that this was good for me. It took me about two years but I realized that I was actually the protagonist and just how much stronger I had become after going through this chapter of my life. I learned skills that I use today. They reflect my personality, morals, beliefs, and experiences. In the end, I would not have had it any other way. In conclusion, it is natural for humans to see hardship as a bad thing, but those who put faith in God see the light of the situation and put up with it. Nevertheless, the way this entire universe was pieced together from an atom to the solar system was pieced in a certain fashion for certain reasons that we may never know. We only learn to accept the obvious ones and put trust in the others. It would not be called “faith” if we knew everything. Part of having faith is believing with the soul, not the mind. Thus, the initial statement should be edited to: That which appears to destroy us only makes us stronger.


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