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Re(1): John F Kennedy Deep Thought (Lanugage Arts 3A) Mr. ho

The Crucible Reaction
To me the differences of right and wrong is clear, which is why I chose to write about “The
difference between right and wrong is clear”. I believe everyone was born with the understanding of
right and wrong and how different they both are. Its common since everyone is born with and it
shouldn’t be there hard to determine between one another. When you have to question if something is
right, then most likely its wrong. If you want to do wrong (which I don’t understand why you would want
to) then you can always tell what is the wrong thing to do, in example you find money and you knows
who it is and you don’t return it that is the wrong thing to do and their will most likely be a
consequences. If you choose to do the right thing in example, you see someone fall down you don’t
laugh you go over and help them.
Your born with the natural common sense and are taught some in the process of life. You learn
and you will forever learn. Like in the crucible Satan had the since of right and wrong he chose to do
wrong just to defile against God. You always have a choice in everything that you do and you will always
be loved by either choice you make but you will always understand the concept of knowing what is right
and what is wrong. In conclusion everything is your decision but unless you don’t have a conscious then
you will most likely choose the right thing to do.


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