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Re(1): John F Kennedy Deep Thought (Lanugage Arts 3A) Mr. ho

Deep Thoughts
To me courage means doing something even though it can be difficult and fearsome, I chose this
ecause is very important to me, courage is something that I value a lot, I know some people who have
courage, and I respect them, everybody has courage but sometimes we donít know, if you do something
very difficult or something that you really fear and you do it that shows courage, driving a car Is even
showing courage because you know driving is big a responsibility because you can hurt someone or get
into a car accident, a good example of courage are soldiers because they go to war to fight and they
know they may not comeback or probably they would comeback ill, courage is what make this country
also succeed in every way, courage is an important value that needs to be recognized by the people
who have done it.


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