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I chose to pick the statement “That which doesn’t destroy us makes us stronger” Because I completely agree with it 100%. We have all been though struggles and dark times in our lives but we somehow are always able to overcome them. I know for me and my personal life I have been through certain struggles and at the time it may feel like there’s nothing else you can do but just fight through it and when it’s all over you can look back at those times and it shows how much of a fighter that you are and how you persevered through those trials that you may have gone through. There is a story in the bible about a man named Job and he was a prosperous and wealthy man but he also had a heart for God. God knew his heart and knew that he was a faithful servant so he sort of allowed Satan to torture him and take away all of the things that were most precious to him like his wealth, children and health just so that he can curse God. Although he was going through all of that hardship he never accused God of being unjust. When God saw how faithful he was he gained back his possessions that were taken away from him before and from that he learned through that whole experience to trust God always. See so in the end it truly does make you stronger because we learn from the mistakes that we make and it makes us learn more about ourselves and it can make us realize how much we are able to fight through things that we may be going through and be the stronger person in the end. This all kind of relates to one of my favorite quotes which is in the bible and its James 1:2-3 and it says “Consider it pure joy my brothers when you face trails of many kinds because you know the testing’s of your faith develops perseverance.” and perseverance is sort of what keeps you fighting through what you have to go through. The struggles and many other things that we go through mold us and mature us into the person that we ought to be.

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