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Deep Thoughts

The difference between right and wrong is clear.
In life right and wrong are very hard to differentiate. Every person has their own set of beliefs and morals, and no matter how hard we try to currupt eachother we will never agree completely. Is it wrong of me to have thoughts of hatred towards every muslim I encounter? Shouldn't I have the right to judge every single one of them after 9/11? They left a gapping hole in New York City, killing nearly 3000 people, we should reform all of the American Muslims right? The answer is not clear, and we have to determine for ourselves what we find to be right or wrong.
We make most of our decisions based upon how society determines which is right or wrong. I suppose this makes it clear for many encounters we face in life but does it make it ethical? Should one person have to change his or her moral understanding because the majority of society does not assent with their belief?

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