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Speak response English I Honors

Hi, the response I’m writing about is “The pressures of fitting in at high school are greater than any other point in one’s life.” I disagreed with this statement because there are way more important things than “fitting in” in high school. I have three reasons why fitting in at high school is not the greatest pressure in one’s life. One, college is way more pressuring than high school in many ways. Two, the pressure of applying for a job is greater than high school. Three, getting married is probably the most suspenseful point in one’s life. Now I’ll detail these three reasons.
My first reason, college is more pressuring than high school. I said this because college is what decides the rest of your life, whether you get a bachelor, or masters degree, whether you get the job of your dreams or not. College decides all of these options and your future. Future football stars also want to decide to go to the college best for them so they can get the best out of their career. More to the point college puts more pressure on you than high school because you can do more things than you could in high school, you decide to go to class, or even to college that day and did I mention that you have to pay to go to college, which means you have to get a job if you’re not a football prospect. College is the prime of anyone’s life and everyone wants to go to college. All in all these reason’s show why college is more pressuring than high school.
Now, my second reason is applying for a job is more pressuring than fitting in at high school. Getting a job is the most rewarding part of someone’s life because it makes you feel like you accomplished something getting a job. But it’s not easy to get a job, you have to find a job you like then you see who has available space for workers/staff, after you find someplace you then have to apply for that job by filling out all the required paperwork and maybe even an interview with the manager. Once you get your job you have to keep it, you work for your money and position, don’t think you’re not expendable because you could lose your job in the blink of an eye. What I’m saying is jobs are important and nerve-racking to have.
My final reason that fitting in at high school is not the greatest pressure in one’s life is that getting married is WAY more important than fitting in at high school. Getting married is the most emotional and precise time one wants to have in their life, right? So, there are absolutely no way high school pressures you more than getting married. When getting married you have to plan months ahead, you have to find a good location, then you have to plan decorations and invitations, then there’s the best man and ring bearer situation. A wedding is a serious thing and puts a lot of pressure on the bride and groom.
In conclusion, going to college, getting a job, and getting married are all more pressuring than fitting in at high school.

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