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Right from Wrong Deep Thought

Is there a clear difference between right and wrong? Well, it all depends on what one has believed their whole life. In order to answer this question we must include the points, such as society, religious morals and values, and etc. People might steal in order to provide for their family, but many know that you do not steal, no matter what the circumstances, it is wrong. It could be, because of religion or just because its the law. We have to determine for ourselves what we believe to be right or wrong. Today we make our decisions according to what society believes is right or wrong and what we are taught. Society believes lying can be wrong in most situations, but not in all situations. Society can change the way you view life. The Right thing can also be the wrong thing. For example, if you cheat on a test and you confess to it, you know its the right thing, but you may suffer the consequences. But if you lie you can get a high-grade and pass the test and/or the class. The truth of the matter is, is that a lie is a lie. One can argue that some lies are bigger than others. We are taught this from our parents, school, society, and from our own common sense. If a child lies to their parents and isnít punished, then the child will repeat their actions not knowing that what they are doing is wrong. Itís not so much about what is right it wrong, itís more so about morals. What one person may think is wrong, may be right to another person. Right and wrong are human values.
Iíve been taught as a kid the right from wrong but it doesnít mean that I will do the right thing or the wrong thing my whole life. As I said society can change you. As a kid I would like to jump over desks at school because it looked cool but I never knew that , what I was doing was wrong until I got detention ones, but that still didnít stop me from jumping over desks. As I grew the right and wrong became much more clear to me, because if I did something wrong I would always get punished, and usually it hurt pretty bad, especially with the parents that I have. Every time I would get punished by my parents I would hate them for that second, but later on I knew that they were just doing the right thing and showing me the right path. Now I know that when I become a parent I will be able to teach my kids the right from wrong before I have to punish them.

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