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Speak English 1 honors

There is a difference between being quit and being withdrawn.
The definition for quiet is absence of noise or bustle; silence; calm and making no noise. The definition for withdrawn is not wanting to communicate with other people or socially detached and unresponsive. So the difference for being quiet and withdrawn is that quiet means not making noise and withdrawn is not communicating with others or socially detached. Those definitions are from Merriam-Webster.
In the book Speak written by Lauren Halse Anderson the statement really fits the storyline. A girl named Melinda Sordino wasnít quiet or withdrawn the year before. Until an incident happen over the the summer that followed her to her first year in high school. So she went from having her own clique to having one friend thatís has to fit in no matter what. So there she was withdrawn. She became quiet when everyone turned against her and was scared to tell her story that happened of the summer.
Although the two can go along with one another because obviously a withdrawn person will be a quiet one. The difference is that a quiet person may still seem connected to his environment around him/her and the people in it, they just don't say much. A withdrawn person will appear uninterested in what is going on around him/her and not alert, not a part of the environment and overall very stuck in his/herself.
Staying quiet is a personality trait. Being withdrawn is not. A person can be quiet but would be willing to share his or her personal story if others were to ask them about it. On the other hand, someone could be an open, talkative person but is withdrawn in telling any secrets or personal information about themself. Out of all age ranges, this statement would mostly be referring to teenagers and adolescents. According to the dictionary, the definition for a quiet person would be an individual restrained in speech or manner; saying little or just plain shy. But being withdrawn is to become detached from social or emotional involvement completely. These two definitions are entirely opposite from each other. Basically a quiet/shy person would still talk about their interests or about themselves, but usually only when others ask him/her and not on their own accord. People who are quiet are often assumed by others to be hiding something. But itís actually the withdrawn ones that are hiding a part of them, whether it is identity, personal experiences, and this eventually leads them to fear, suspense, and/or anxiety. Some things that just quiet people might fear but not withdrawn people would be stage fright, being the center of attention, or being in the spotlight.

In the beginning of the book Speak I thought that there wasnít a difference between being quit and being withdrawn. When I finished the book I happened to look up the two different words to believe in this statement to be correct. So in conclusion you can be quiet but not withdrawn. Also you can be withdrawn socially or physically and be quiet.

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