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Massimo Ottey
Miss Bauman
8th grade

Part II

Statement: People who are quiet have something to hide.

I disagree with the statement that people who are quiet have something to hide. I believe this because I think that some people like to keep to themselves and have nothing to say. I think that people just think no one wants to hear what they have to say and figure they can’t be hurt if they just don’t say anything. This statement is not true, you can be quiet and that doesn’t mean that people are hiding something.
There are many shy people in our everyday lives. They don’t like having people knowing their business. This way of life may not be their fault, it could be a hereditary problem and they shouldn’t be criticized about it. Every person is unique in his or her own way and just because people keep to themselves, they are normal like every one of us.
Sometimes people have been recognized and they just want to be left alone. That person may feel to exposed and not have anything to say. Some people don’t feel like they did anything recognizable and don’t think they disserve the recognition. The way they feel is shared with millions of people, having nothing to do with secrets.
Being timid is something that many people all over the world. When someone thinks of the word “shy” they think of someone who never shows expression. This thought is not 100% true. The definition of the word “shy” is to be drawled back from contact with others; Reserved. It doesn’t mater how long a person has been in a certain environment; it is just how some people are. Some people are categorized as shy because they are more drawn back then others. Its unfortunate but sometimes these people get bullied by his or her peers.
These people may not talk because they don’t feel a certain way about a topic and are just to afraid of what people might say, so they just draw back from the environment. Sometimes a person with a shy personality will not talk at all, not because they have a secret but because they that is just who they are. No one ever thinks of the fact that these people just might be a drawn back person.
When people keep to themselves they just don’t want to be recognized, they more than likely just want to be left alone. Sometimes when someone is quiet, people try to talk to him or her, weather that person is talking positively or negatively makes a big difference. Some people try to cheer the person up, thinking that he or she is just not having a good day or is having problems. (Any kind of problems, school, family, ect.) These people do not need to give us an explanation or reason for their personality, they are allowed to do and speak freely. (To a certain extent) This doesn’t mean that they have a secret that they are trying to hide. Some people just like the quiet and like to be “Isolated” from others. If you are quiet, that is just who you are, it’s not because you are trying to hide something. (Keep secrets) These people just have a trait that makes them who they are. I believe that just because you are quiet, doesn’t mean that you have secrets, it’s who you are and they should not be judged because of it.

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