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"The n-word is more offensive than other racial slurs because of the history of hate behind it."

The "n-word" in today's language means "offensive. A contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person." It originates from the "Naga'-means “Serpent” in the Vedic Sanskrit. Indian Serpent Ruler, son of Kadru (Kedar in Hebrew means Black. The word wasn't meant to be an offensive term used for calling black people " low-lives." The racist history we have in America has developed this word into something than can be offensive and seriously hurtful to people, that should not be used anymore, in my opinion. We, Americans, now have a very vulgar vocabulary. I'm not sure all of the origins of the "vulgar" words we have now, but I know they have been evolved from a harmless meaning to just being plain out rude.Therefore, this one word that had evolved over the years,to mean something rude shows the true means of what our new developing language has become, and that the meaning of a word can changing completely meaning something that was not even close to the true definition.

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