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Fallen Angels- Anticipation Guide

1. The military draft should be reestablished in order to allow America to achieve its military goals. Negative

2. The United States of America has a resonsibility to use force against other nations if we disagree with thier form of government that rules that nation. Negative

3. The concept of a just war is always very clear for everyone to agree upon. Negative

4. America should be able to do what is wants militarlly, even if a clear majority of our allies disagree with our intentions. Negative

5. Our president should always be supported in times of war. Negative

6. America love it, or leave it. Negative

7. Soldiers shoud always follow the orders of their commanders even if they believe thier actions are immoral. Negative

8. The military is a good way for teenagers to find out what they want to do in life, even if they do not intend to go to college right after high school. Positive

9. A polotician who lies about the reasons of going to war with another nation should be removed from office. Positive

10. If politians' sons and daughters had to go to wars they supported, there would be fewer wars to fight. Positive


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