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The military draft should not be reestablished in order to allow America to achieve its military goals. I believe this because if the military reestablishes its goals then it wouldn’t be voluntary. Younger and more unqualified people would be chosen to be in the military against their will. Also more lives would be lost during battles.

If the United States of America had a responsibility to use military force against other nations just because of a disagreement with their form of government that rules the nation the US would become a bad nation. If the US does this our nation would not function correctly. Also the US would not prosper and there would be more wars with the United States of America with other nations.

No, the concept of just war is always very clear for everyone to agree upon. The reason for this is because not everyone wants to go to war. If a war does occur then many lives could be lost. Not only would lives be lost but the economy in the United States would decrease. There would be much debt in the world.

America should not be able to do what it wants militarily, even if a clear majority of our allies disagrees with our intentions. If America does so what it wants militarily, the US would not be a good ally to other nations. America should always consult its allies with all military decision. If the US does this they will prosper through the years.

I love America. It is a great resource of living. I believe that America is a great resource for people living in other nations who are being ruled by a dictator.

I believe that soldiers should always follow the orders of their commanders, even if they believe their actions are immoral. I believe this because most commanders have good intentions for their nation. Even if their commanders have an order that is immoral it could be for the good of themselves and others.

No, the military is not a good way for teenagers to find out what they want to do in life, especially if they do not intend to go to college right after high school. I believe all teenagers should not make a choice to go to the military until they are adults. If teenagers do go to the military at an early age then they could lose their lives quicker.

Yes, a politician who lies about the reasons of going to war with another nation should be removed from office. I believe this because if a politician does lies about reasons to got to war then we would be going to war for no specific reason.

If politicians’ sons and daughters had to go to wars they supported, there would be fewer wars to fight. This statement I believe is false because if this did happen there would be more wars and more destruction to the nation.


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