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fallen angels

I do not think the military draft should be reestablished. It is fine just the way it is(do not try to fix anything that was never broken in the first place). That would not be fair to everyone who loves those people who have to leave. What if they have other duties at their home? Then what? My dad is in the military, and every time he is gone I get worried sick about his safe being.. If you send people over forcefully then most likely they will not feel obligated to do their best. That’s saying they’ll be depressed and get themselves killed. Then, slowly we will lose more military forces until it is down to none. Then how will America be protected from terrorism attacks? Also, what exactly is the military goal. To show other nations that America is violent? Violence is not always the answer.You can show people you mean business without blowing their heads off. The pen is mightier than the sword. Maybe if the founding fathers had not established America in a corrupt way and made it so confused on how to deal with things, this would not have even come up in the first place. As far as I can see America is at its full potential, and could become more smarter. I think war is only necessary in the time of deep, deep depression. The great depression has not happened in a while. The thought of ever sending someone away without a choice frightening. Although to some it is a dream, to others it may be a nightmare. Waking up everyday praying that you make it to the next. Hoping that your loved ones at home are doing their best to stay out of trouble, and stay healthy. This is not some game like Call of Duty, you do not have more live and tries once you die. Once you die in real life it is gameover. So what I am saying right now is that I am against all belief of forcing people to do something that they do not wish to do.

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