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The Crucible

Jose Giron
Mrs. Trujillo
American Literature
A Person Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty
A court of law should presume the person is innocent until enough factual evidence is presented to prove the guiltiness of the given individual. Race, sex, or any disability should not play a factor in a court of law by any means. It would be really unfair to those races that are the minority in that part of the world because some people just cannot cope with people that are different than them. It is very serious when you decide if someone is guilty or not because they will most likely spend years in prison if they are or stay free knowing they committed a crime and got away with it. Those years in prison are years that the individual will not be able to get back. Sending someone to prison due to false accusation would be devastating because that person would know they did not commit the crime, but of course no one would believe them. I would personally feel extremely frustrated knowing I was innocent and that there is no way out because there is no way to prove my innocence if you were guilty before proven innocent.
If you were guilty until proven innocent then people would view you differently because they would think that you had really committed the crime when you did not even have a fair trial yet, but just because you are guilty before proven innocent then it would be hard to gain the sympathy of the people around you. They jury would always look down on you just because of the charges that were laid on you before they even heard the facts. Peoples mind sets would change and they would not even give you any trust or believe any words that come out of your mouth. They would ignore you and your lawyer and just listen to the opposing evidence. They would automatically label you a liar and take the opposing side.
In the system we have today we are innocent until proven guilty and I think it is a fair way to go about convicting someone of a crime. It is fair to say that the system has its flaws, but assuming innocence has saved multiple innocent people years of their lives from having to go to prison. I think being innocent until proven guilty keeps not only the jury’s mind open, but also the judges mind open to the chance that maybe they did catch the wrong person. Everybody makes mistakes and they should be able to catch them if they keep their minds open enough to realize that not everyone is guilty of the crimes that they are accused of.

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