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The Crucible

Angelli Garcia
Mrs. Trujillo
American Literature
That Which Doesn’t Destroy Us Only Makes Us Stronger
If something has ever hurt you physically it gives you the foundation to be able to grow emotionally, it lets you grow to be stronger mentally. It’s an initial situation between Man vs. Self. An internal conflict towards ones inner self. What can come of this, it’s honestly based on the situation. You have the decision to choose what road you want to take. Where you would simply let the situation simply define who you are to be or you can grow from it. It’s never easy and it can be quite conflicting. It’s as if your mind is at war. How can something so little create such a large impact on you, your thoughts, and your life? It’s simple; we have no way of controlling it. You have to learn to accept what has happened and you have to give yourself time to have closure. Without closure you will never be at peace with yourself. Forgive but never forget.

A situation like this can and may lead in both ways. You may approach this negatively. Creating inner neglect in one self and finally you’ll somehow begin to lose yourself. By this I mean; you would then be so caught up, holding on to the past. You’ll forget what is really important and the good aspects and quality’s in your life, and those of others. You’ll be so overwhelmed with negative emotion and doubt, that you will leave yourself scared and forever hurt. Another way you may approach this is as a life lesson. Eventually you will grow and realize that everything does happen for a reason, and learn from what had happened. So you can prevent that from ever happening ever again in your life. It is never a good thing to hold on to bad emotions, so why do it? Don’t let yourself be hurt. Grow from your mistakes, or situation brought on from other people. “What doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger” Is true. I have that belief that everything does and may always happen for a reason, and only time will tell why. Everything takes time. Whatever the situation may be learn to have found closure in yourself, because at the end of the day who is the only one there for you? And that is yourself. You’ll have to make those very decisions for your sake. This wouldn’t be the end, let this help you grow as a person. Sometimes we don’t learn from our mistakes, and sometimes we are given no other choice to walk away. Don’t let this change what you are. Stand for what you believe in, even when you may stand alone. But whatever happens, you know you did something for the better good of yourself, and it may hurt, but wouldn’t have it been for the best. So what doesn’t destroy us imply does makes us stronger. Not physically, but as well mentally.

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