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The Crucible-Part3

Angelli Garcia
Mrs. Trujillo
American Literature
That Which Doesn’t Destroy Us Only Makes Us Stronger
I believe that everything happens for a reason and what doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger, not only physically but mentally. After taking close consideration of watching documentaries based on The Salem Witch Trials. I have learned that in this time Period.”What doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger.” Has a very different literal meaning than I may have. Men, Women, and Children were all put as victims for witchery. Those set for trial were put into a very difficult situation. Taking responsibility to the charges put upon one’s life, by saying yes (agreeing to having made the charges) or telling the truth and standing up for your very own self rights. Sadly those who stood up for what they had believed in suffered in more crucial consequences, and enduring; death, imprisonment, and having to be hung. It would seem more logical for one that Agrees to committing the charges, will suffer the worst consequences. But sadly this wasn’t the case. You had no actual civil rights. People relied on instinct, instead of facts. Very innocent men, women, and children suffered, because one had found them to be very suspicious. Those who stood up for what they believed, and never looked back, had to end their life a lot sooner than anyone may have anticipated in.

What doesn’t destroy us, forces us into a situation having to accuse someone of witchery. You put yourself in internal conflict as one. You have immediately made yourself into an outsider to your people. People as in your neighbors, friends and even family members, the people who have known you your whole life. Knowing you may not worship Satan. Due to their very own safety, and self judgments, they keep their distance so they wouldn’t have to be faced with the consequence of being but to trial. For what you may ask? Just so you can survive? You receive no real benefit. You are simply forced to put someone else in trial. From then on you are never able to be a free person. You have power now, every person you want to accuse of witchery, is put to trial, you aren’t seen as a liar. People will believe you for their sake. If they believe, that you truly seen these people perform unholy acts they will put them in their place, and therefore let the council decide their future. It’s a cycle; you are given this sense of power, which no human should ever endure. Having to decide that this person has to die because you rather be alive, you become ignorant, and selfish. You made this decision and had first anticipated it as a smart move to make, and at first it may have seemed to be one. But at least those who stood for their rights, died with dignity, they knew right from wrong, facts from assumptions. In The Salem Witch Trials time period, what didn't destroy someone, did truly make one stronger in power over the community, and over the land, and people.

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