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America, love it or leave it

Greg Rader

October 22, 2012

Mrs. Kemphause

America, love it or leave it is a good phrase. I think that if people don't love America the there just totally missing out on how awesome it is.
People that don't love America are probably are just haters. The world is good but America is awesome.
We get to pick our leader and decide if we want who is running for the election. We donít get killed if speak out on what we like or dislike. our voice is what matters in our country not how much of our people are alive or dead its not that kind of world always but it is always like that in America.
The people in America could tell you how great of a feeling it is to be able to vote not just for the president but we can basically vote for whatever/ whoever we want. Not being able to live just because you voted for a person other then who you were told to would make America like a lot of other countries and if some people would like to have a life where it is threatened every day then they need to get out of America because around here we donít handle our problems with violence we handle our problems with petitions, levees, courts and, by just talking it out.

People may look down upon America just because we are not high ranked in education but we at least give our female children the chance to learn. In America we give women rights even though at first we didnít think they were equal and now women can do any thing a man can do, sometimes women can do the job better then men.
Back to the matter at hand, in America we are not a bunch of people that take things lightly, we the people have our voice and our right to chose/ do the thing we think is right. People that donít agree with the phrase America, love it or leave it can just leave because America is where all the magic happens.

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