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Military Draft

The military draft should NOT be reestablished in order to allow America to achieve its dreams. I think the military draft shouldnt reestablishe it because. It could cause a lot of deaths for the people who got drafted or was already in the army. I say this because some may not want to go risking the lives of the others thats there. Some who may not want to go might blow the whole war off or whatever the job is in the war and cause America a chance in the war. I think the military shouldnt draft but only let the ones who know they really want to go go. If it was up to me i don't think the ones who don't want to get drafted names should be no where near the drafting pick. If the military was to not reestablish its drafting pick they may have a better chance at the war not saying they don't have a good chance now. America does need to achieve their military goals and allowing the ones who don't want to be there and mess it up is not a good idea. I think it would take America to change its drafting pick. I think this because they already have every male there is in the drafting pick , to have to go through all of them and see who wants to be there and doesnt may take a while. Also there may be more guys who don't want to be drafted then wanting to get drafted so they should still have a backup plan ready. America would still be a strong nation with or without the drafting pick but they still need it just incase they do have to go into war. America should think more into reestablishing the system or drafting pick it may change America is looked at or make us a stronger nation. ONLY if there is enough men for the drafting pick. America has a lot of things to do to become the STRONGEST nation but i think they can do it multiple ways with changing the drafting pick if they don't want to.

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