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Military Draft

Ethan Carver
Mrs. Kemphaus
English 9 Honors
October 19, 2012
No to the draft!

The military draft should not reestablish in order to allow America to achieve its military goals. I say this because the United States may need people below 18 to fight in the military. People under 18 in my opinion are not ready for the military. If the military draft was reestablished in order to achieve the United States’ goals, this would give the military too much power. This makes the United States seem more like a dictator rather than a democracy.
I think America has more goals to achieve before we work out the military problems. In my opinion, I think the students in high schools shouldn’t go straight to the military after graduation. I much rather prefer that students at least go to college and maybe go to the military with a higher rank. People at that age have plans for their career and the life ahead of them. The military shouldn’t be able to just take opportunities from a kid just so our military goals will be satisfied. Now if the person has nothing else to lose than I say sure! Go for it! However if the military was able to do this, it doesn’t just affect the young men and maybe woman. It also affects the men and women who have children and a family to take care of.
The United States discontinued the draft in 1973 for a reason. The end of the draft has dramatically improved commitment and morale in the armed forces. Recruits who want to serve their country and succeed are way more likely to perform better than draftees who do not want to fight at all. Returning the draft would make a force look a lot more like the force during the Vietnam War. Which was less educated, less motivated, and less experienced.
This results in more deaths and more devastated families. Also, it costs the military to manage and enforce the draft. You have to remember that numbers do not win wars. The Vietnam war had more than 10 times the number of dead in Iraq. Overall, you have learned that the military draft is a bad idea and reestablishing it will have a hard time meeting military goals.

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