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Fallen Angels anticipation guide

Noah Jessen

Mrs. Kemphaus

English 9 Honors

October 19, 2012

Falling Angels: Anticipation Guide
The United States of America does not have the responsibility to use military force against other nations if we disagree with the form of government that rules that nation. i believe that the United States can make or come to an agreement with the nations. If we did that the United States would no longer be constitutional. There would be wars and things going on between the countries. The United States could probably win all those wars. But that would be a major risk that we could not afford. The wars and battles would make the United States poor. We would have money issues. Lets say we had a problem with one of our allies, and we did not agree with them. If we had the problems and went to war with allies such as England, China, or France we would probably lose them as allies forever. Then the wars would make the economy go down the toilet even more. Plus on the other side the countries would fight back and attack us. We would no longer have companies or jobs and workers in China. The countries would never make deals with us and we would no longer trade with each other. But on the bright side we would have more American jobs. I believe that if this happened we could build this country like we have in the past.
Think about it? What if that happened. It would be terrible. If this happened I believe that the United States would be the most hated country. Then other countries would join in and use military force on countries that they donít believe in. But, imagine all the hatred the United States would get? The citizens would revolt against the government. Then we would have a Civil War on our hands. It would last us a long time. Then the economy would go down, and the stock markets would crash and there would be no money because we are already in huge debt. In my beliefs the only countries we should use military force is in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and our own country. Countries make good and bad decisions. No country is perfect. But, the United States would never do such a thing. We would never use unnecessary actions such as military force in other countries unless we are required to do so. If we do we will make peace treaties and settle our disputes in a civilized manner. Look some people may or may not agree with me on these opinions. But, that is why they are called opinions. The United States is a democracy and that is what makes our country strong!

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