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America, Love it or Leave it

Seth Jessen
Mrs. Kemphaus
English 9
America Love It or Leave It
America love it or leave it. This country is the land of the free and home of the brave. We fought for this country. We also fought for our independence from Great Britain. If people love America like they say they do our country would be in a much better condition than it would be in now. Our economy is tough nowadays. I have this belief because Americans think that they are patriots and that they have done something for this country. They are wrong, the real patriot are the men and women in the armed services. They have fought in Afghanistan for our freedom being protected.
We the people of the United States of America should be proud to live in this country we all call home. This is the best country to live in , in my opinion. We can do so much to make this country better to live in. This year for our Presidential Election we can choose between Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. We as Americans can choose who is the best person to run this country.
In America there are a lot of things we love and cherish as Americans. Some countries even cherish and love us. Iím glad theyíre our allies. Iím not really sure why other countries would hate us. For example a group of terrorists called Al Qaeda hates us. Their old leader Osama Bin Laden planned 9/11. He couldíve done something even worse to us as Americans. After 9/11 we as Americans pulled together and became one as a nation.
We fight for what we want in our country. People in this country often have a lot to say about how to run this country or what they would do differently about this country. They usually have open opinions or keep it inside. I think if more people spoke up about this country more politicians would try to do something about it. A lot of Americans could change the way we live. They sometimes have great ideas and some have rather unusual ways. The people of America can change now. Politicians could be more involved in our lives not just their own. America love it or leave is the best way to describe our country and the best that describes America itself. I love America and I bet you do to.

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