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Politicians Should Be Honest

The topic I chose was “ A politician who lies about the reasons for going to war with another nation should be removed from office.” I chose this topic, because I believe that if a politician lies about something so serious they should be removed. I also believe that politicians should be honest. The leaders of our nation should be trustworthy. And no matter what the reason for going to war, the people deserve to know the truth. Removing them from office is a fit consequence for lying about the cause of war. Politicians have a high reputation to uphold. Lying is bad for anyone’s reputation.
A politician lying about the reason for our country going to war, obviously has something to hide. What ever they are trying to hide needs to be told. People need to know what is going on in their country. If we remove an untrustworthy politician we can replace them with someone, hopefully, more honest. If a politician lies about war, the true reason is probably unfair or greedy. Such as trying to take oil from another country. And even if the politician doesn’t get removed from office, he needs some form of punishment. I think that he at least would deserve a suspension.
People’s family members could be at war for an unnecessary reason, risking their lives. Also wars are expensive. We could be wasting money and U.S. tax dollars on fighting another nation that we really don’t need to. Politicians should not lie about the reason for war, having people believing that it is actually for a worthy cause.

Some people might oppose that the politician should be removed from office, because they agree with him or like him, but I don’t see why anyone would agree with lying to all of the citizens. If I was a voter, I would expect the politician that I voted for to be truthful and honest in everything that he said. Especially if he’s telling me why my country is going into a war that one of my family members could be fighting.

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