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Fallen Angels 350+

Mekhi J. Jones
October 19,2012
English 9 Honors

Statement:Soldiers should always follow the orders of their commanders even if they believe their actions are immoral.
I completely disagree with this statement. I feel that if you always listen to someone elseís commands you wonít be able to make clear decisions when you are by yourself. Even if the command is a great one, mistakes are made, and then you learn from those mistakes.The outcome may not be pretty but you can still learn from it. Always have confidence in your decision,put all faith into it. I would rather regret not following an order than to wonder if following what I thought was right to do would be a better outcome. Listening to someone else all the time could result in a decrease in self-confidence. Not depending on yourself. Following someone else immoral decisions could also result in damage to your own self-conscience. If the command is totally disgusting and immoral and you just do not agree but you do it,you could have a mental breakdown. It could severly damage you for life. Scar you for life. If you feel a certain way, follow your heart. Donít let anyone tell you what to do. Even though disobeying orders could get you kicked off the squad or transferred or something even worse, be who you are. The more you think about a subject could change your thought. I've learned to always go with my first choice. Your mind makes your true decision first. Sometimes you can clear up your decision and make a better one, but if you're stuck or have limited time(which would be most likely in the army) always go with your first choice. If you do have the time evaluate all topics involved. Who all you can hurt by doing that action and how it can affect you. You never want to do something that will hurt you like following a immoral order unless its to better a cause or someone who you accept the risk for. If a commander has an immoral decision ,I don't think he should be a commander. Take leadership if you must.

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