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Moon - aging

Name: Moon
Age (pup, teen, adult): Adult
Gender: Male
Appearance: Moon is white with a few circular (not perfect) rings of gray covering his body. His eyes are a bright sky blue color.
Personality: Moon can be mysterious at times, and normally keeps to himself. But when you get to know him, he becomes funny, kind and sweet.
History: He and his brothers, Titan and Mars, lived a normal pup life. But when they grew to be teens, they all went their separate ways. Moon, who was worried particularly about what his brother, Mars, would do, and also admittedly lonely, followed his brother without him knowing. One day, though, Mars did something stupid that Moon couldn’t prevent, and he found his mangled body at the bottom of Rainbow Cliff. So he has to go on his way without his brother…
Other: Adopted from Annarow

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