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ďItís more difficult to forgive yourself if the person you have hurt doesnít forgive you.Ē This statement can be true, but false at the same time. In one of my life problems I found that when I hurt someone I felt as if I forgave myself after a while, but I realized that that person is still hurting because of me and hasnít forgiven me; it made me start to feel guilty all over again and thatís when I pointed out to my inner me that I may have not totally forgiven myself. Some people may feel differently. Some people may feel happy knowing that theyíve hurt someone else; and not care that theyíve caused the other person to hurt. Or on some occasions the protagonist may not know that they have hurt someone and since they did not know of such thing there would be no reason to forgive them. This statement may be only true or only false, it differs from every individual. To me, I look at this statement to more so true then false; only because in my life situation I really never forgive myself for anything Iíve done. At times I even despise myself for hurting people that I care about. But in some occasions at the time of the situation it may be relevant in my eyes to hurt someone else if theyíve hurt me too. I think itís more in the human nature to not forgive yourself if you have hurt someone you care about, even if it was intentional or not. Guilt plays a huge role in forgiveness. If it wasnít for the emotion guilt no one would ever feel bad after doing something horrible that you would kick yourself for later on. People would lie a lot more if guilt never existed because there would be no reason not to lie since you would never feel bad about doing it afterwards. My point is, is that every person is different. Some people donít let guilt get to them so they would be more likely to hurt someone and forgive themselves then for someone who lets guilt bother them like me for instance and then be more likely to not forgive yourself knowing that the person youíve been a protagonist to hasnít forgiven you yet. I taught myself that donít ever hurt someone if you wouldnít like them hurting you as the way you hurt them. I let guilt get to me. I try not to lie because I know in the long run the guilt will end up eating me alive and I will be always feeling that way until I tell the truth or if I hurt someone that I care about I wonít feel a little better until I at least apologize or I make things better in some way so that the person I hurt doesnít hurt anymore and finally let them forgive me so I can forgive myself.

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