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The Crucibal

Joelle Brida
CP English 10
Period 4

Deep Thoughts Response
I chose the statement “There is only one correct way to interpret the Bible.” I do not agree with this statement. There are many ways to interpret the bible depending on religion, your literary approach, and faith.
There are many different kinds of people in this world and many different religions. Inside the different religions, there are different beliefs. Christianity is one religion and their main beliefs come from the Old Testament. Islam is another and their teachings come from Muhammad. Judaism is based on the principles and ethics of the Bible. All of these religions look at the Bible different ways.
Another way to interpret the Bible is by literary approach. An example is a poem. People look at poems in different ways. The author can mean one thing and the reader can look at it in a completely different way. It all depends on your thoughts and the way you look at it.
The last way you can look at the Bible is by faith. This is all based on what you believe in. People who are not very religious will not think much of the Bible and probably will not know anything about it. They will not have an opinion and will interpret it as not very important. On the other hand, people who are religious and attend church a lot will know what they are talking about. They probably have had to study the Bible and have many strong opinions about what they believe in and what they are unsure about.
There are people who would agree with the statement “There is only one correct way to interpret the Bible.” There are also people who would disagree with it. It all depends on religion, your literary approach, and faith.

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