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CP English Period 4 Ms. Mushko

Ashley Schieferstein
Period 4
Ms. Mushko
11/ 26 / 2012

Deep Thoughts Response

Is there really only one way to interpret the Bible? Well, this is what I think. Your parents told you stories as a little girl or little boy, sometimes they would tell you things about the Bible. This was the way they told you to believe, but depending on which religion you are, everyone has a different way of telling the story of how God created everyone and everything. Who are you going to believe a book or your parents? Iím not too sure how things on earth came about but I believe what I believe and everybody has their own way of telling the story.

Who really created everything? No one person knows this for sure it could be God or somebody or something else. Most of the stuff we read is fiction, right. Fiction meaning that itís fake it is put in this world for our enjoyment. Well, has the Bible really been determined of fiction, non- fiction.
As far as I know, Iíve never heard of the Bible being known as any of these types of writings. My parents told me stories of how Jesus was hung on a cross, and then three days later he rose up again. How is this possible? If this really happened, then how come all people who died doesnít do the same as he did. This just doesnít make sense, to this it just doesnít add up. Someone dies, and then they rise from the dead like zombies, and then begin our first apocalypse.
Alright, letís be serious, why didnít a zombie apocalypse start to form? I mean if this so called, ďJesusĒ has all this power how come nobody else has the power to do the same as he did. How does Jesus have all this power to rise up from the dead, like nothing ever happened? Jesus must be some magical special being, which has powers stronger than that of the witches in the Crucible. When you go to church, people who are Catholic learn all about God, his creation of everything and his story.
People didnít have pencils or paper so how do they determine that this actually happened during this time period, they donít know. When caveman drew drawings on the walls in prehistoric times, how do they know that this was what they were trying to interpret through their drawings? People just assumed that this was what they were thinking at this point in time. These people can just think that this was what they were thinking it just doesnít make sense, they werenít there at this time so they canít determine and interpret things they donít know about can they, no. Asking this question is just like asking, ďHow dinosaurs came aboutĒ people may do a lot of research but the answers they get arenít always true itís what those people believe. This is all based on a belief system; no one person knows the answer to this rhetorical question.

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