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"There is Only one correct way to interpret the Bible"

“There is only one way to interpret the Bible”, I disagree with this statement. Depending on the person, you interpret differently. There are so many religions out there and each religion comes different beliefs. How each person represents their beliefs in their religion depends upon how you were raised or how you interpret it by yourself. Saying there is only one way to interpret the Bible is like saying everybody interprets art the same. Two different people can look at the same picture and think two separate thoughts about it. Everybody has a different mind set, and which means each person's mind works differently.
You also have people who have read the bible and are not religious, so they obviously interpreted the Bible differently. The non religious people have the choice whether to believe it or carry on having their own beliefs. In the Bible there are many different stories and how you interpret one story somebody else can interpret the same story completely different. I'm not saying there is or isn't a god, I’m saying you can't classify reading the Bible and having every single person that has read it have the same understanding. In my opinion the statement “There is only one way to interpret the Bible” would be an inaccurate statement. Everybody interprets differently.

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