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Zach Huber
Crucible Essay

I believe that the statement “It is better to die for what you believe in rather than to lie to save your life” is true. I believe in this statement because it is kind of like a good guy/bad guy thing. Some people want to die for a purpose and have people remember them for something good they did, and other people do not really think about it.
When I read this statement, I think about famous people. When famous people die and are favored by other people, people usually remember them for their songs or some other good thing they did. When famous people died because of drug or alcohol abuse that is what people usually remember them by. During the Crucible, I think people died for what they believed in and lying to save their life. When people were accused of being witches, they probably fought and tried to tell the court that they were not witches. Even though the person fought for what they knew was true, they were still killed. The people that died lying probably thought that they were going to die anyways, so why try to fight for it.
Another example of this statement is Christians. People that believe in God would rather die for what they believe in then to lie to save their lives. If people that believe in God are killed for what they believe in, they will be happy because they stood up for their beliefs. I believe in karma, so I think when people lie to save their life, they get karma.
Another great example is this movie I watched in English last year. It was about a young African American man named Jefferson who was accused of killing the cashier. He was taken in to court and was guilty just because of the color of his skin. Jefferson had to sit in jail for months until he was finally executed. Jefferson died knowing that he did nothing wrong instead of trying to fight and save his life. If Jefferson tried to fight for his life, he would not have won because the court already accused him of being guilty.
“It is better to die for what you believe in rather than to lie to save your life” is a tough statement to think about. You have to think deeply and look into the actual meaning.

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