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Ms Mushko pd. 4

I chose what doesn't kill us makes us stronger because I heard a lot of stories of people that this reflects. In high school Michael Jordan got cut from his basketball team and worked on his skills a lot and he ended up being the all time greatest player in the nba. When he got cut in high school that's what killed him and that made him stronger by pushing himself and making it to the nba and ending up being a hall of famer. Another athletic I that reflects this saying is Tim tebow when he was younger everyone used to make fun of him saying he is not going to be in the nfl and not going to be a quarterback but he pushed himself for years and years and he ended up being a really good quarterback in the nfl. Another athlete that would describe this quote is Cody Ross because in the 2010 season he got cut from the marlins and then he worked really hard and got back into the MLB and he was on the giants. The quote does not always reflect athletes it can reflect anyone who gets hurt by something then later on in life does something that makes them better and never get hurt by what hurt you again. A example of a normal person that reflects this quote is if a person makes it through high school and applies to be a doctor and they get denied of the job. Then the person goes to medical school and gets there phd and they apply for the job again and they get it and become the CEO of the hospital. A fairy tale example is if you see a genie and you wish for a new Xbox maybe he will give you the Xbox and there is going to be a twist to it by having something hurt you while your playing it or something like that. You have to learn not to trust anybody to get something that is too good to be true. So trusting the genie didnt kill you now your gonna make yourself stronger by not trusting the genie ever again and not getting hurt. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger is really good to know because if you are ever getting hurt by someone or something you will always know that that will make you a better person and put you in new levels of confidence. If you have a child some day and he does not make a sports team for the high school or middle school or if your child gets a bad grade on a test you can tell them the quote and hopefully that will have your child push themselves and do better at there sport or better on tests. If I ever do bad bad on a test or get cut I will think to myself what doesn't kill me will make me stronger. That is the interpitation I have of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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