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Ms. Musko pd. 4

“Courage means doing something even though it can be difficult and fearsome”

In my opinion, I think that courage means going above and beyond doing something that you are comfortable with and expected to do. It also is the ability to do things that you never would have thought you could do. For example, many soldiers who have fought in the war of Iraq or Afghanistan have courage because they fight and face challenges that many civilians would not have to face. Some soldiers choose jobs that may jeopardize their lives in order to keep others safe. They could be wounded or killed anytime during their career and could lose other men they work with but still they choose to protect and defend our freedom. It shows that courage can be found on a bigger or a smaller scale. Anybody could have courage, a child could be scared to ask somebody for something but then does it anyway, and a person could protect his family from a robber even though they are scared, they will do it anyway. Courage is one thing that many people face every day. You may never know the end results of courage whether they or good or bad. Standing up to a bully is known as courage. Another example, Harriett Tubman helped black men, women, and children travel throughout underground rail roads to escape from the horrible life of slavery. She did this without caring for herself but for the well being of others which strongly displays an act of courage. Many firefighters, police, soldiers, and citizens rushed into the twin towers on September 11, 2001 to save the innocent people who were trapped inside the buildings. These acts were quit fearsome, difficult, and nerve wrecking but the people did it anyway. No matter what the example is, courage is something that most people could not do but few choose to do. The Marines use a slogan to recruit new men, it simply say “The Few. The Proud. The Marines.” Courage is the main things that they have chosen to base this slogan off of. Courage can also be referred to as having guts or being crazy. When Rosa Parks refused to give her seat up to a white man on a bus it displayed an act of courage because it showed that she was willing to stand up for what she believed in not caring of what actions were to come after. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech on equal rights, he took the responsibility to make a speech and fight for what he believed in to later be killed for it. This shows a great act of courage because it was difficult. Having courage could change the lives of others for the better. When a new band of any sort stands up in front of an audience to play music could also be known as an example of courage because they are not sure if that group will like them but they still play anyway. These examples show that courage can be difficult, fearsome, nerve wrecking, but could turn out to help others.

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